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January 28 2010

Fell in Love with a Girl

Music video

The music video is a LEGO animation directed by Michel Gondry. Gondry's son was featured at the beginning of the video, building LEGOblocks. It was shot frame by frame with each frame having the LEGO bricks rebuilt, sometimes in a complex manner to seem as if it were an actual shot, and then formed together to give the illusion of motion. The video mostly consists of red, white, and black color.

In an interview for the The Work of Director Michel Gondry DVD, Jack stated that the White Stripes' long-time collaboration with Michel Gondry started by accident; for "Fell in Love with a Girl", Jack stated that he wanted to work with the director who did Beck's video for "Devils Haircut", referring to Mark Romanek. Their record company mistakenly hired Gondry, thinking he was the director of "Devils Haircut". Jack didn't mind, as he did the video for Beck's "Deadweight", which Jack also liked.

Also revealed in The Work of Director Michel Gondry interview, The White Stripes contacted LEGO Group in hopes of having a small LEGO set packaged with each single of the record, with which one could build a LEGO version of Jack and Meg White. LEGO Group refused, saying: "We don't market our product to people over the age of twelve." Once the video became a hit, however, LEGO contacted The White Stripes again and asked if they could reconstruct the deal to have LEGO packaged with the single. This time, however, Jack White refused, out of anger.

The The Work of Director Michel Gondry DVD also reveals that one section, lasting only a few seconds, used computer animation to simulate the LEGO bricks.

The video won three MTV Video Music Awards in 2002Breakthrough VideoBest Special Effects, and Best Editing. It also received a nomination for Video of the Year, but lost out toEminem's "Without Me".

Pitchfork Media deemed it the best video of the decade [1].

The video was spoofed on Family Guy on the episode "Ocean's Three and a Half".

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January 16 2010

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January 08 2010


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November 08 2006

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